As a business owner with 35+ years as an expert in her industry and countless awards and accolades, Lisa Shepherd (aka The Hair Boss) knows all about what it takes to succeed as a female boss. She’s passionate about empowering other women to succeed in their careers and hit their goals, whatever industry they’re in.

To celebrate World Boss Day, we asked Lisa about her experiences as a busy entrepreneur, salon owner and hair stylist across her career in the industry, along with her tips for your hair in the workplace.



What’s Your Proudest Moment As a Female Boss?

L: There have been so many! I love seeing people I’ve developed going on to succeed for themselves and seeing my team’s personal growth. Winning British Hairdresser of the Year was a pinnacle for me, along with getting my products out there on the shelves to share with others - both of these were something I dreamt about from early on in my career.

What Leadership Challenges Have You Faced?

L: I’m constantly challenged! I love success but I love the journey too, bumps and all. There aren’t enough women at the top of hairdressing, as with a lot of other industries, so I’ve always had to shout a little louder and work harder to be heard.

I’ve had to keep it all together to balance family with work and make sure everything gets done. That can be challenging at times, but so many women are doing the same. I’ve always worked with amazing people who I’ve never been afraid to ask for help and advice. Learning is a huge part of everything I do. You have to believe in yourself through some of the biggest challenges!

What advice would you give to future female bosses?

L: GO FOR IT! Master your craft, walk the walk before you try to talk the talk. I only know how my team thinks because I’ve been in the same place as them, starting out at a junior level. Being hands-on is key to understanding what both clients and customers need. Plus, I have a lot of the same experiences!


Lisa’s Quick Tips for Hair At Work

Tips on having great hair at work from The Hair Boss:

  • Let your personality shine through your hair - if you’re at an interview or running a presentation, show them who you are. It’s not about having a perfect blow dry or looking like everyone else. Make sure they can see your individuality!
  • For long-lasting hold all day at work, put your hair up. A slicked-back pony is an easy way to style your hair in place.
  • If you’re travelling for work, pack extra hair bobbles and The Hair Boss Anti-Static Mist to keep your hair looking great and keeping frizz at bay.


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