Hair Growth Tips for Longer Hair


Your hair grows around 1.3cm a month (so around 15cm a year), but this does depend on lifestyle, genetics, hair type and how well you take care of your hair and scalp.

Whether you’re trying to grow your hair out from a shorter style, or you want to increase your styling options with longer hair, we’ve used our expertise to curate a list of hair growth tips to take.

 Hair Growth Tips from The Hair Boss

Diet, routine and the products you use all make a difference when it comes to hair growth. Here are The Hair Boss’ recommendations to get your locks luscious and long:


Follow a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet filled with vitamins, nutrients, protein and the right number of calories your body needs will help your hair to keep growing and keep it in great condition. If you’re really struggling to get the right balance in your diet, then vitamin supplements can help you fill in the gaps.

Vitamins C, D, E along with zinc, iron, biotin, omega-4 and omega-6 are all really important for hair, scalp and skin health so try and incorporate these into your diet where possible.

Cleanse Your Scalp and Hair

Keeping your scalp and hair clean, and free of build-up, is essential for

maintaining healthy hair and good hygiene habits. Poor scalp care can mean that your hair doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to grow, so shampoo regularly to keep dandruff, dryness and build-up at bay.

The Virgin Shampoo is perfect for keeping your hair and scalp clean, whilst being gentle and effective enough for regular use.

Massage Your Scalp

Not only is it a great de-stressor but massaging your scalp could boost the health of your hair and scalp. It increases blood flow and can help you work in product more effectively (as well getting those relaxation benefits too). Use a gentle, light touch for healthier hair that’s less likely to break.

Massage using a conditioning treatment like The Double Hair Mask to condition your hair and boost blood flow to your hair at the same time. It’s an amazing, effective treat for your hair.

 Turn Down The Heat

Heat styling can cause damage and breakage to your hair, which can mean you find it difficult to get your hair past a certain length. If you can’t avoid heat styling altogether, then cutting back, turning down the heat and using a good heat protector are all ways to be kinder to your hair and reduce damage.

Try the Semi-Permanent Shine Spray to protect your hair from styling damage, UV exposure and pollution.


Get Regular Trims

It can sound counter-productive, but getting regular trims stops split ends from unravelling all the way up your hair. This can make your hair stronger and less prone to breakage, which means it gets longer more easily and individual hairs are thicker.

Keep An Eye On Chemical Treatments

Hitting the hair dye, bleach, perms or straightening treatments can be a great confidence boost, but having these treatments too often can decrease growth and increase breakage. You should always have these treatments carried out by a professional that you trust, to reduce damage and get the right aftercare advice.

The Overworked Hair Shampoo is great for hair that’s been over processed, bleached or damaged.

Hair growth can seem to take forever, but as long as you're taking care of your scalp and hair, as well as following healthy habits, your hair will be growing – you might be surprised if you take a look at pics from 6 months ago or even if you measure your hair.

If you really are worried about hair growth, speak to your hairdresser or make an appointment to see a trichologist who can get really in-depth with what you need.