We all need a little self-care at times, especially right now. Self-care can be whatever feels good for you, whether that’s having a much-needed pamper night, meditating, reading, heading outside for exercise or travelling.

If pampering is how you get your self-care kicks, here are our top tips for practicing self-care at home.

Pampering Yourself as Self-Care

It’s sometimes easier said than done but try and set aside some time where you can focus on yourself without interruptions to carry out your self-care routine. You want to take the time to relax and enjoy your relaxation time.

Here are some easy ways to practice self-care, especially if you’re short on time:

Relax in a hot bath – fill it with scented oils, bubbles or whatever floats your boat and soak until your heart's Throw on some relaxing music and drift away into relaxation. Pop on some candles if you want to really build a zen zone.


Try a face mask – a face mask can be a quick and easy way to centre yourself, as well as make your skin feel better. Use one that’s nourishing and targeted to your skin type. Whether it’s a sheet mask, cream or gel, your skin will be glowing.





Take a little extra time with your hair – if you’re usually more wash-and-go than taking your time on your hair routine, then treat yourself to a little self c(hair) boost with the award-winning Double Hair Mask. It’s a two-step hair mask that contains Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid to rehydrate and condition hair, adding shine.




Treat yourself to the works – exfoliate and moisturise your body, paint your nails and toes, pop on a foot mask and treat yourself to a lip scrub. Pamper yourself from top to toe for intense relaxation, wellbeing and to feel great.


Massage your scalp – massage has been proven to have health and circulation benefits. A head massage is perfect for relieving stress and tension and just generally helping you to feel more relaxed. Massage using The Scalp Scrub for a refreshing, relaxing massage that helps your hair and scalp stay clean and healthy.




Taking time for yourself and planning in your self-care is essential for boosting your mood, making you feel healthier and just keeping your life in balance. Whatever that looks like for you, plan some much-needed me-time each month.