If your hair is forever feeling like it’s tangled and trapped, then trying to detangle can be a complete pain. Dealing with knots can damage your hair, leading to breakage and hair loss. Our newest hair hero, The Detangling Mist, helps you to gently remove knots and tangles from your hair without damage.

 Need some top tips from The Hair Boss to help you detangle your hair without damage? Read on for some easy ways to keep tangles at bay:

Try The Detangling Mist

A detangling mist (try The Detangling Mist) is a must-have if you’re forever fighting tangles. It helps to reduce the tension in your hair while detangling. Plus, it makes it quicker to deal with any tangles and softens your hair.





Use a Detangling Brush to Detangle

Using any comb can stretch and pull on your hair and cause it to snap, so Lisa would always recommend using a “wet-brush’. Always start from the ends of the hair and work back towards the root and take your time. Take it easy when brushing out tangles - to avoid pulling, breakage and a painful scalp.




Use a Good Quality Conditioner

Using conditioner on your hair is a good way to prevent tangles from happening in the first place. If you have a stubborn tangle, then adding slip to your hair with conditioner can be a great way to avoid damage. Try adding The Conditioning Lotion into your routine to keep tangles at bay.




Dry Your Hair Properly

This tip is more about prevention, but taking the time to dry your hair properly is one of the best ways to avoid tangles from happening in the first place. This can save you time and damage in the long run.





Check Your Sleep Habits

If you’re waking up in the morning with a head full of tangles you might want to change your sleep routine. Silk pillows, hair wraps or tying your hair up with a scrunchie while you sleep can all stop it from getting tangled at night.





Use a Hair Mask

A hair mask can be great for the health of your hair and preventing tangles, but it can also help you deal with them too. Rather than spending your time pulling at knots, take the time to pamper yourself and use a hair mask - like The Double Mask - to restore shine and remove tangles.