If you’re between salon visits but your hair colour is looking faded, your roots are showing, it feels brassy or it just looks dull, then don’t stress! There are some easy ways to refresh your colour without additional salon visits and without getting in the way of your next appointment.

Here are some of Lisa’s recommendations to enhance your hair colour and restore shine before you catch up with your hairdresser again:

HAIR PROBLEM: Brassy Hair Colour

 Lisa’s #HairFix Solution: “Hair colour can change depending on your lifestyle, products, your natural colour and the environment. The Brunette Corrector Drops are a lifesaver to banish unwanted red, orange, or brassy tones from your hair. They are so easy to use too, you just add the drops to your favourite hair care products and use as you normally would. You can completely customise how much pigment you add in, and it comes in both brunette and blonde tones to bring your colour back to life.”




Lisa’s #HairFix Solution: “As hair colour starts to fade it can leave hair looking dull and lifeless. The Colour Enhancing Gloss is exactly what you need to add shine and gloss back into your hair. It comes in Warm Brunette, Golden Balayage, White Blonde and Cool Brunette so whatever your hair colour you can have glossy, beautiful hair between salon appointments.”




HAIR PROBLEM: Discoloured Blonde

Lisa’s #HairFix Solution: “Colour-treated blonde hair can easily pick up deposits from your lifestyle and environment which can leave it looking dull, discolored and uneven. Illuminate your blonde tones using The Blonde Brightener to remove chlorine, metal, and mineral deposits in your hair. You’ll have brighter blonde hair with zero extra bleach.”



HAIR PROBLEM: Dark or Grey Roots

 Lisa’s #HairFix Solution: “A really temporary solution to blend out dark or grey roots is to use coloured root sprays or hair mascaras. It washes out but is great in a pinch if your roots are making you feel self conscious. If you hate the look of your roots, then a softer hair colour technique like balayage or a colour melt can help it to look less obvious between salon appointments.”

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